WP Plugin Setup

A Visual Guide To The Slibstream Plugin Settings Page In The WordPress Dashboard


To view your Slibstream plugin settings page navigate to:

WordPress Dashboard >> Slibstream

Settings Overview

  1. API Key
    This is your unique Slibstream API key. This connects your WooCommerce shop to our API. Manage your API key, billing and more in your account by logging in.
  2. Itemise Duty Costs
    Display 1 line total or display the cost components (multiple line costs) that make up the customs duty cost
  3. Hide Duty Costs if 0.00
    Turn on to hide customs duty on the basket and checkout page if it is 0.00 (none to pay).
  4. Carrier
    Select your preferred carrier – different carriers may charge different fees
  5. Shipping Method
    Select your preferred shipping method – different carriers/shipping methods may charge different fees
  6. Disable Calculations on Basket Page
    Turn on to disable Slibstream on the basket page to reduce the amount of API requests
  7. Debug Mode
    Turn on to display success and error output on the basket and checkout page. This is only visible to WooCommerce managers and WordPress Administrators (whilst logged in).